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GOFAMINT Men Fellowship
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Our Location
Km 40, Lagos/Ibadan, Expressway Aseese, Ogun State
Our Location
Km 40, Lagos/Ibadan, Expressway Aseese, Ogun State


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With the vision of the General Overseer of the gospel faith Mission international, Pastor (Dr.) Elijah Oludele Abina, the Men Fellowship (MEFEL) was inaugurated at the Mission’s National Convention of 1998. The fellowship was inaugurated on behalf of the Mission by the Assistant General Secretary of the Mission, Pastor S.  A. Kolawole, who delivered the message of the day…

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Some info about us

GOFAMINT Men, Goodly Men

Our Membership
The membership of MEFEL comprises of all married men in GOFAMINT and mature youths aged 30 years and above
MEFEL Structure
Mefel is a ministry arm of GOFMAINT. We have a structure for effective administration and management. This structure follows the structure of the Church-GOFAMINT
MEFEL Meetings
At the National Level, meetings of the National team along with the district representatives were held quarterly. Decisions taken are passed down along the structures up to the individual man for implementation and feedback.
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We have our aims and objectives below


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The following are among the aims and objectives of the  fellowship:

  • To foster unity among men and enhance the overall unity of the  church.
  • To enhance spiritual growth among men.
  • To create a forum whereby human resources among men would be pooled together for possible tapping for the benefits of the body of the church at all levels.
  • To help men discover and utilize their spiritual gifts and potentials for the church and their self actualization.
  • To encourage effective evangelism, thereby bringing their like minds to Christ
  • To enhance and encourage the physical and financial development among men as a way to all round success among men.
  • To create a functional forum at Local, District, Regional and National levels whereby members’ welfare would be taken care of thereby giving them a sense of belonging.
Testimonial by PASTOR OYEWOLE
" You are officially welcome to the web page of The Gospel Faith Mission International Mens Fellowship"

Our contacts

  • Church Location: Km 40, Lagos/Ibadan, Expressway Aseese, Ogun State
  • Phones: +234 803 334 7631, +234 817 107 1391

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